As Dokuteks Halı Tekstil Sanayi ve Ticaret Anonim Şirketi “Koza Carpet”, we show maximum sensitivity regarding the security of your personal data. In this respect, we attach importance to process and store all kinds of personal data of any person related to Koza Carpet, including those who benefit from our products and services, in accordance with the Law on the Protection of Personal Data no. 6698, secondary regulations issued or to be issued based on this law and any decision taken or to be taken by Personal Data Protection Board. Keeping this responsibility in mind, we process your personal data in the capacity of as specified below and within the borders determined by the legislation “Data Controller”, specified in the law.

  • Koza Carpet, registered at Gaziantep Trade Registry Office under registry number 21227, with MERSIS number 0309035468000020, operating at 1. Organize Sanayi Bölgesi 83104 No’lu Cad. No:12 Şehitkamil/Gaziantep, is the “Data Controller”.
  • Purposes of Processing Personal Data

Your personal data is processed by Koza Carpet in line with the following purposes within the limits specified in the Law (in accordance with articles 5 and 6) in accordance with related laws and regulations:

  • To inform you about all products, services and campaigns upon your request,
  • To offer the products and services you request in accordance with your needs,
  • To plan and follow sales, marketing and promotion of products and services,
  • To ensure formation and management of customer records,
  • To fulfill any accounting-related including sales related invoicing,
  • To execute, follow, evaluate and conclude sales of products and services offered, after-sales support, other necessary procedures, to make a risk assessment, to conclude any agreement process, to plan and fulfil any operational processes,
  • To identify your information in order not to lose your rights in all kinds of commercial transactions you have with Koza Carpet,
  • To fulfil Koza Carpet’s liability to act as a prudent merchant in commercial transactions,
  • To inform you about the strategic and administrative decisions taken within Koza Carpet,
  • To ensure evaluation of customer requests and complaints,
  • To manage customer relations, to determine marketing strategies and to perform statistical studies, if necessary
  • To conduct business development studies and to develop new strategies,
  • To execute any agreement process and to follow and fulfil any legal claim and transaction,
  • To ensure and to monitor your security in the event that you visit Koza Carpet head office, branches or production facilities,
  • To plan information security processes, to establish and manage information technology infrastructure,
  • To ensure legal and commercial security of Koza Carpet, the products and services offered by Koza Carpet, and any person having a business relationship with Koza Carpet,
  • To plan and follow the works performed with business partners, dealers or suppliers,
  • To execute and follow communication processes with official institutions,
  • To ensure preparation and update efficiency reports by obtaining information about customer-based developments,
  • To plan and organize any activity for conducting market research, ensuring or increasing loyalty to products and services,
  • To organize and follow up some events,


  • Transfer of Personal Data

Your personal data may be transferred to real and legal persons, who are allowed by legislation, private or public institutions, public institutions authorized to audit, judicial and administrative jurisdiction authorities, when necessary, Koza Carpet sales and marketing department personnel and supervisors, company shareholders, banks and financial institutions in order to fulfil payments and financial obligations, institutions we act as intermediaries, program partner institutions from which we receive service or cooperate to carry out our activities, logistics companies we have contracted with for your shipments and other companies we are suppliers to, our business partners at home and abroad, event and insurance companies within the aforementioned purposes and pursuant to the conditions specified in article 8 and 9 of the law.

  • Personal Data Collection Method and Legal Reason


Your personal data are collected verbally, in writing or electronically by our departments where operational processes are carried out, our general directorate, the office where we provide products and services, and real or legal persons who are authorized by Koza Carpet to process data with automatic and non-automatic methods through means such as e-mail, telephone, website, various contracts, paper forms and minutes. In this regard, we process the data of name-surname, T.R. identity number, signature, workplace address, mobile phone number, e-mail address and type of position s/he works belonging to our customers’ contact person, with whom we have a business relationship, pursuant to clauses 1/a-c-ç-e-f of article 5 of the law by not harming the fundamental rights and freedoms of the relevant person based on Koza Carpet’s legitimate interests. Your personal data are processed to realize the aforementioned purposes and to fulfil our legal obligations.

  • Rights of Any Relevant Person

As a personal data subject, you can submit your requests regarding your rights at any time to Koza Carpet by applying to our company using the methods specified below.

  • You can have information whether your personal data have been processed or not, purpose for process and whether they have been used in accordance with the purpose, and you can request information if your data have been processed,
  • You can obtain information about the third parties to whom your personal data is shared in accordance with the Law, at home and abroad,
  • You can request a correction on your data if you consider that they have been processed deficiently or wrongly,
  • You can request to remove or dispose of your personal data within the conditions specified under article 7 of the Law,
  • You can request the third parties to whom your personal data is transferred to be notified of your afore-mentioned requests and to ask them to perform the same actions,
  • You can object to any result that occurred against your interests due to analysis of your personal data by automatic systems,
  • If you think that your data have been recorded or used illegally and you have suffered damage because of this, you can request recover of any damage.

In the event that any additional expense is required due to an application you have made based on one of the aforementioned reasons, you should pay the fee specified by the Communiqué on Procedures & Principles of the Application to Data Controller issued by Personal Data Protection Board. In the case that your application is responded in written, no fee will be charged for the first 10 (ten) pages, and a processing fee of 1 TL will be charged for each page above 10 (ten) pages. In the event that response is provided by a recording medium such as a CD, flash memory, the expense of the recording medium will be charged.

Your requests in your application will be concluded as soon as possible and within 30 (thirty) days at the latest, depending on your request.

You can submit your applications to Koza Carpet in Turkish in written in order to use your rights under the Law, and you can visit Koza Carpet's website for detailed information.

You can submit your applications in the following ways;

  1. after filling out the form at, you can submit one copy with wet signature by hand or through a notary public to the following address Organize Sanayi Bölgesi 83104 No’lu Cad. No:12 Şehitkamil/Gaziantep,
  2. after filling out the form at and signing by your electronic signature under Electronic Signature Law No. 5070 or your mobile signature, you can send the form with a secured electronic signature with your electronic mail address registered in the KEP address of Koza Carpet or by your e-mail address previously notified to Koza Carpet and registered in Koza Carpet’s system.

In an application, including explanations for the right you want to benefit from, you make to use your aforementioned rights as a personal data subject, the issue you request should be clear and understandable, the subject should be relevant to you or if you act on behalf of any other person, you should submit a special power of attorney certified by a notary public on related issue.

You must specify your name-surname, signature, T.R. identity number, residence or workplace address, e-mail address, telephone and fax number, request subject under the Communiqué on Procedures & Principles of the Application to Data Controller. Applications that do not meet the aforementioned criteria will be rejected by Koza Carpet.

Koza Carpet always reserves the right to make any amendment in this clarification text for any reason caused by the Law, secondary regulations and Board decisions. Any amendment to be made in the clarification text and the updated text will become effective immediately as of the date of notification.